Frequently Asked Questions on common problems when clients work with VPL

When you encounter a legal problem, choosing the right law firm or lawyer is crucial. You have a lot of questions of interest about our expertise, experience, communication, cost of services. You can refer to our answers below for customers. If you have other questions, please contact us for specific answers.

Clearly understand about VPL

VPL was established in 2010. With 12 years of joint efforts to develop the legal market in Vietnam, VPL always aims at legal safety for customers, peace of mind for sustainable development. VPL is headquartered in Binh Duong province, branches in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi City, Dong Nai Province, Long An Province. Here are the reasons you should choose VPL to provide legal services:

Skilled and experienced lawyers

VPL is proud to have a team of qualified and experienced lawyers who have been trained and graduated from leading universities around the world. The qualified and experienced lawyers in the legal field that you need assistance with will help you resolve the issue effectively.

Provide comprehensive consulting services

With the desire to comprehensively support investors and businesses, VPL constantly develops in-depth and diversified legal services. VPL has cooperated with companies specializing in auditing, taxation, labor outsourcing, environment, fire protection to help businesses develop comprehensively when using VPL’s services.

Many large corporations used the services

VPL has experience in providing services for many typical multinational corporations such as: Kumho Asiana, Toyota Vietnam, Uniben Company, Boe Technology Group, Zto Express, China Power International Holding…

Reasonable consulting costs

VPL has reasonable legal service costs, tailored to your needs. VPL is always ready to negotiate with customers to offer the most reasonable fee.

Fast resolution time

VPL always clearly discusses with customers the time to resolve the case. VPL also always strives to shorten the agreed time.

You can contact VPL directly at the following offices:

  • Binh Duong Office: The 3rd Floor, The Capital Building, 68 Hoang Van Thu Street, Chanh Nghia Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province.
  • Ho Chi Minh City Office: The 1st Floor, Paskimex Building, 52 Dong Du Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Dong Nai Office: No. 20/6K, Nguyen Ai Quoc Street, Buu Long Ward, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai.
  • 0274 650 7999 – 0932 350 835
  • You can contact online forms such as: Wechat, Linkedin, Kakaotalk, Twitter, Facebook, Zalo …Direct contact:
    • Binh Duong Office: The 3rd Floor, The Capital Building, 68 Hoang Van Thu Street, Chanh Nghia Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province.
    • Telephone: 0274 650 7999
    • Email:

VPL works from 7:30 am to 17:00 from 2nd to 6th, Saturday from 7:30 am to 12 noon. When you have urgent work that needs VPL to handle outside of working hours, please contact a lawyer to discuss. The lawyer will review and agree with you.

VPL provides full legal services to all domestic and foreign individuals and organizations who have legal needs related to Vietnamese law.

VPL does not provide defense lawyer services in criminal cases.

Vietnamese law obliges law practitioners privately practicing lawyers and individuals to purchase professional insurance. VPL fully purchased occupational insurance in accordance with the law.

According to the Code of Ethics for the legal profession, lawyers are not guaranteed the results of work for clients. Initially, the lawyer makes a legal assessment and analysis based on the information and documents you provide, the lawyer has not had access to much evidence and documents provided by other parties in the case. The outcome of a lawsuit is often influenced by evidentiary factors, proceedings, judgments of the Court and the Arbitration Center. VPL is committed to working our best to achieve the best results for our clients.

Quotation/ Legal Services Contract

To become a VPL customer, you need to follow the following process:

  • VPL works with you to agree on the content of legal services.
  • You sign a service proposal or legal services contract drafted by VPL.
  • After receiving the service proposal or legal service contract signed by you, VPL’s Accounting Department will send you an advance invoice for service fees. You need to pay this advance.

Become an official customer: When you pay the service fee advance in full, you will officially become a VPL customer. VPL will begin to perform legal work as agreed in the contract.

For some services VPL agrees that you will pay a fee after VPL completes the service, you become a VPL customer as soon as VPL receives the service proposal or legal service contract signed by you.

VPL will not charge fees for the following cases:

  • The first meeting with customers only involves the parties introducing information to each other, customers for exchanging contents related to legal services that need VPL to solve.
  • For simple, brief consultation content in the form of email or phone.
  • Customers are subject to the policy in accordance with the Law on Legal Aid.

After receiving your legal request, within a working day, VPL will send you a service proposal or legal service contract.

Setting a specific time period for feedback is important to ensure that the workflow is conducted smoothly and efficiently. Plus, the ability to be open to negotiating more time is a flexible way to ensure that customers have enough time to consider and decide.

In case you need a longer period to consider and decide on the use of VPL’s legal services, you should contact VPL to request a specific time period.

Normally, VPL will actively draft a service proposal and a Legal Services Contract to send to you. However, due to your special request or the company to use the Legal Services Contract template provided by you, VPL agrees to use this Contract template provided that you authorize VPL to propose appropriate terms.

You can sign a Legal Services Contract and send a paper copy to VPL for hosting. So you don’t need to go to VPL’s office to sign a contract.

After completing the legal service contract, VPL will send you a record of the liquidation of the legal service contract for the two parties to sign. The minutes of liquidation of the legal service contract will record the completion of the contract and the termination of the obligations of the two parties.

VPL is always willing to participate in the bidding process to select your law firm if we deem that we have sufficient experience for the assigned work and a reasonable expected service fee.

VPL is committed to the absolute confidentiality of customers’ information during service use. Only the personnel in charge of implementing the dossier can capture the customer’s information, other personnel of VPL who are not in charge of the dossier are also not in charge of the record are also not allowed to know the customer’s information.

Normally, VPL will keep records and documents of customer information for a period of 2 years from the date VPL completes legal services with customers. Upon completion of the service, VPL will hand over all documents related to legal services that VPL is holding. Therefore, VPL does not have any obligation to provide customers with previously settled information and documents after the two parties have completed the legal translation.

Communication with customers

VPL has a team of lawyers and interpreters who are fluent in English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. VPL will communicate well with investors during the implementation of services. In case you need to communicate in another language above, VPL can hire interpretation services for you, interpretation costs are paid by you.

You can contact VPL 02746507999 phone number or email: In addition, you can contact VPL through channels such as: Wechat, Linkedin, Kakaotalk, Twitter, Facebook, Zalo … We will respond soon to let you know about your lawyer or professional.

VPL lawyers often work with a variety of clients and have busy schedules. Booking in advance helps VPL prepare your meeting with a lawyer efficiently. However, in some emergency cases, you can see a lawyer right away without making an appointment.

The first meeting between lawyers and customers often revolves around customers talking to the lawyer about the content related to the legal work that needs to be hired by a lawyer. Therefore, you need to prepare documents related to legal work for lawyers to consider and give directions for handling. In addition, you need to prepare a citizen identity card or passport, for businesses, a business license so that VPL has the information to make a quote or legal service contract for you.

There is no legal provision prohibiting clients from giving gifts or inviting lawyers out to eat. VPL has internal regulations restricting lawyers and employees from receiving gifts from customers worth more than 2 million dong or 100 USD. Lawyers and employees participate in eating and entertaining customers in lawful and healthy locations.

Payment and invoicing

VPL receives service fee payment via bank transfer, cash only applies to service fee charges of less than 20 million dong.

According to the provisions of the Vietnam Foreign Exchange Ordinance, all payment transactions and quotations must be made in Vietnam. VPL only accepts payments in Vietnamese dong.

To match the affordability of customers VPL applies many flexible ways to charge legal services, but there are 3 ways that usually apply:

  • Hourly charges apply for face-to-face in-office consultations or regular legal advice.
  • Charge a fixed fee for tasks that determine the completion results such as license application services, company establishment, adjustment of Investment Registration Certificates and Enterprise Registration Certificates…
  • Successful charging applies to cases where the original customer is unable to pay the fee or does not intend to pay the fee, usually applied to litigation or debt recovery work.

VPL issues invoices in accordance with the law when investors use the service and pay.

The VAT rate for normal legal services is 10%, unless otherwise provided by law. There are some cases where the VAT rate is 0% in accordance with tax laws.

Legal services are subject to VAT, so when you use VPL’s services, VAT is still subject even if you are an individual who does not need to collect tax invoices.


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