With more than 10 years of experience in the field of contract law, VPL’s lawyers help you be more confident in each transaction.

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A contract is a written agreement between two or more parties, which can be individuals, organizations or enterprises,… on the establishment, change or termination of the rights and obligations of the parties. The contract plays an important role in business and commercial activities, as it is the legal basis for the parties to exercise their rights and obligations.

However, negotiating, drafting and signing contracts is not easy. Many enterprises and individuals face difficulties in this, leading to contracts not being drafted fully and accurately, causing legal risks. Therefore, the use of contract consulting services is becoming increasingly popular and important.

VPL always follows the principle of helping its customers always “Legal Safety, Peace of Mind Development”. VPL focuses on developing a team of more and more qualified and experienced contract lawyers to provide the best contract consulting services.


VPL provides contractual legal services including:

  • Give legal opinions on the conditions prescribed by law that the parties in the contract transaction must meet: The lawyer issuing legal documents assesses the conditions on the subject and object of the contract, the legal requirements that the parties in the contract transaction must meet for the contract to be effective and in accordance with the provisions of law.
  • Consulting clients to understand the laws in the field governed by the contract: Lawyers provide information about legal provisions related to specific types of contracts, helping the parties understand their rights and obligations.
  • Consulting on the structure of the transaction and proposing terms: Consulting on how to structure the transaction in accordance with the needs and objectives of the client, ensuring the best rights and interests of the client.
  • Drafting or reviewing contracts: Lawyers draft or review draft contracts, including amended or supplemented agreements in the form of annexes.
  • Participate in Contract Negotiations: VPL’s lawyers are always ready to participate in the process of negotiating, signing, amending or terminating the contract.
  • Support notarial procedures, contract testimony: Lawyers guide the parties to sign the contract, prepare necessary legal documents at the request of notaries. Lawyers work with notary offices to prepare contracts and arrange schedules for the parties to sign notarized contracts conveniently. VPL provides lawyer services to testify contracting parties.
  • Contract Execution Supervision: The lawyer will represent the client and supervise the parties to the contract to perform the contract properly.
  • Consulting on issues arising during contract performance: Lawyers help clients resolve issues arising during contract performance, such as disputes over prices, quality of goods and services…
  • Contract dispute resolution: Lawyers participate in settling contract disputes through forms of negotiation, conciliation, and settlement at disputes by arbitration centers, courts.
  • Provide other legal services related to the contract: When the parties perform the contract, other legal procedures such as establishing a company, applying for a new or adjusting the investment registration certificate and enterprise registration certificate, updating fluctuations in land use right certificates… VPL always quotes these services as a package and the most reasonable cost for customers who are using VPL’s contract legal services.

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