Van Phuc Loc Law Firm has 10 years of experience in the field of regular legal consultancy for FDI enterprises, state-owned enterprises.

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In the process of operation, enterprises face many legal risks, which may arise from many different sources such as: changing legal regulations, internal disputes, disputes with partners or customers, disputes related to labor and employment… To limit these risks, businesses need good corporate law lawyers to help detect and eliminate legal risks. Regular legal consultancy services are an effective solution to help businesses solve arising legal problems quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

VPL with 10 years of experience has provided regular legal consultancy services to businesses operating in many fields such as:

  • Group of enterprises engaged in manufacturing: furniture, wood processing, packaging, electronics, textile industry, machinery and equipment production, mechanics, food processing …
  • Business group on industrial real estate, construction.
  • Business groups providing technology and advertising services.

Our clients are mainly FDI enterprises, state-owned capital enterprises. In addition to being good at legal, our lawyers are knowledgeable about clients’ products and services, market trends, industry competition, organizational structure of businesses, thereby having effective legal solutions to help businesses develop sustainably.


  • Investment law consultancy: Consultancy on setting up investment projects, applying for new investment registration certificates, adjusting changes in investment project contents, extending and terminating investment projects, transferring investment projects…
  • Corporate law consultancy: Advising on the establishment of branches, representative offices, business locations. Change of enterprise information, merger, transfer, dissolution of the enterprise. Provide legal secretarial services to members’ councils and boards of directors. Advising on resolving conflicts and disputes within the company related to contributed capital and shares.
  • Advising on applying for sublicenses for conditional business lines.
  • Contract consultancy: Advising on drafting and reviewing contracts. Assist in negotiating and negotiating business contracts, labor contracts, sales contracts and other types of contracts.
  • Labor law consultancy: Advising on labor regulations, social insurance law, drafting labor contracts, confidentiality agreements, working regulations, salary and bonus regimes, dismissal. Advising on resolving labor-related disputes. Foreign worker consultancy: work permit, temporary residence card, visa…
  • Real estate consulting: Advising on purchase, sale, lease, land lease, land use rights, land disputes, and real estate-related matters. Advising on procedures for issuance of land use ight certificates, application for ownership of assets attached to land, separation and consolidation of land use rights, change of land use purposes.
  • Criminal law consultancy: Advising on criminal legal issues for liability as a legal entity related to tax, commodity, environmental, fire protection laws.
  • Competition law consultancy: Consulting competition-related regulations and consumer protection.
  • Tax law consultancy: Assist in complying with tax regulations, optimizing taxes, and solving legal issues related to tax, tax finalization, tax declaration, tax refund.
  • Intellectual property legal consultancy: intellectual property rights protection, trademark registration, copyright, patent.
  • Consulting other legal regulations such as environment, fire protection, bidding …



Basic package


A month

Consultation time 5 hours


Professional package


A month

Consultation time 10 hours


Prosperity package


A month

Consultation time 25 hours




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  • An appointment with VPL lawyers.
  • The right solutions for your business
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