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    The mission of Van Phuc Law Firm is “Legal Safety and Development”, we ensure the legal safety for individual and business customers in all legal transactions in investment, business and commerce, intellectual property, labor, tax, accounting, criminal … VPLAWYER always with customers overcome legal barriers to sustainable development.

    VPLAWYER adheres to and promotes the common mission of Vietnamese Lawyers: “Protection of justice, protection of justice and social justice”.


    Always a pioneer enterprise: In the career, VPLAWYER is always conscious of striving to improve the leading law firm in Vietnam, providing legal, investment, intellectual property and civil services. , Criminal…

    Always international and Vietnamese standards: Lawyer profession is a profession highly appreciated in society. There are the principles and ethical standards prescribed by Lawyers. We always follow high standards to deliver the best legal service to our clients.

    Always creating, innovating: In addition to being thorough in each job, VPLAWYER constantly innovates and applies technology to suit the general development trend of the world economy.

    Quality service, reputation, competitive price: With 10-year development experience built on the basis of a team of good, experienced lawyers, applying technology to innovate, helping control strictly quality amount. VPLAWFRIM has brought the best legal services, the most reasonable service fees and always competing with regional law firms.

    Dedicating working environment: VPLAWYER always pays attention to fostering and training personnel to meet the development needs of the business. VPLAWYER attaches special importance to the welfare regime for the human resources, who are assured to contribute to the development of the law firm.

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